Kirsten & Joel - Colorado Wedding - Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

Last year I bought an Ancestry DNA kit for my husband and I as a Christmas gift. Little did I know at the time that it would lead me to Colorado.

Shortly after I set up my account on Ancestry I was contacted by a woman that I would later find out to be my second cousin. We began to chat and do some research to find out how we were connected. This led to me discovering some family history I had no idea about. Not only did I find a second cousin, but she only lived 6 1/2 hours away in Austin Texas. She also had a daughter (my 3rd cousin) who was getting married. So long story short. Junie and I took a trip to Waunita Hot Springs Ranch in Gunnison, Colorado in September, met new family I had no idea I had, made amazing new friends, and shot an incredible wedding.

Life is full of surprises.